RUFIUS – a novel  

⭐️Long-listed for the Polari First Book Prize 2017 ⭐️

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In 4th Century Alexandria, a poor orphan learns to scribe. Meanwhile Rufius, a rich Roman, tends the books in his care and yearns for the youth on the streets. It’s a time of rampant bishops, mad heretics, and a city so ruled by passion it is set to consume itself along with the world’s greatest library. As the poor boy and the rich Roman unite, hell almost literally breaks loose.

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Bestselling novelist Steven Saylor said this:
‘Warning: Reading RUFIUS may induce forbidden thoughts. Also laughter, wonderment, and a discombobulating sensation of time travel. Proceed with caution—but by all means, proceed!’

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The Morning Star:
In her remarkably adroit handling of the intersections between the big questions of faith and politics and the smaller-scale concerns of relationships and identity, there are elements that would not be out of place in novels by Gore Vidal set in the “classical” era. Highly recommended. Read more

Goodreads review:
The novel presents a thrilling cast of urchins, slaves, prostitutes, mystics, sinister Bishops, crazy heretics, devoted believers, and one very special cinaedus. It will please in equal measure fans of LGBT literature, historical fiction aficionados, and those raised on boys’ own adventures. It will delight Ancient World enthusiasts and anyone interested in the ascension of Christianity, but it will also entertain and inform those who don’t know their togas from their trabeas. Fast-paced and elegantly written, Rufius is a delight from the opening page to the last. Highly recommended. Read more

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